Code of Conduct

Bimbadeen Heights Netball Club follows Netball Australia’s Codes of Conduct for Coaches, Players, Parents/Guardians, Spectators and Committee Members. The National Codes of behaviour are underpinned by the following core values:


  • To act within the rules and spirit on netball
  • To display respect and courtesy towards everyone involved in netball and prevent discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment
  • To prioritise the safety and wellbeing of children and young people involved in netball
  • To encourage and support opportunities for participation in all aspects of netball


Health & Wellbeing

Bimbadeen Heights Netball Club is a family friendly club that is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment, where every player has the opportunity to develop their full sporting potential. In order support this positive culture, the club has zero tolerance for any inappropriate behaviour or misconduct including discrimination, harassment, bullying, and victimisation. Such behaviour  will not be tolerated by any members of our netball community including players, parents, spectators, coaches, umpires and committee members.   All are expected to abide by the guidelines and expectations outlined in our Health and Wellbeing Policy & Procedure and any allegations will be managed in accordance.

2017 BHNC Health and Wellbeing Policy & Procedure February 2017


Respect for Coaches and Umpires

During the season, parent and spectator support and encouragement of all players is very important. However, we ask that you please refrain from coaching or instructing players from the sidelines or during the breaks, as this only confuses, distracts and at times creates anxiety and stress for the players. It is also very disrespectful to the coach who is volunteering their time and expertise to support and develop our players.

If parents wish to discuss anything about their child, the team or any issues/concerns, they should approach the coach either before or after the game, before or after training or at an alternative time that is suitable to both parties. We ask that parents please do not approach the coach during the game or during training with complaints as this is not appropriate for the players and/or other parents and spectators to see. Nor is this fostering the supportive and inclusive environment we are striving to achieve.

If you have a concern about a club coach which cannot be resolved in an amicable manner, please contact Jeannie Gill – Coaches Convenor.

The umpires are also a critical part of the game. Respect for their decisions must be demonstrated at all times – whether you agree with them or not! The umpires must not be approached or harassed in any way during or after the game. If there is a concern, the team captain or nominated player can approach the umpires during intervals to respectfully seek clarification or discuss a concern. Alternatively, the coach can request for an umpire supervisor to come and watch the game.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any concerns throughout the season, please discuss them with either Steve Connell – President or Jeannie Gill – Vice President & Coaches Convenor.